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Sunday, August 2, 2015

World update-New rules created

RBI Baseball world members,

     My job as Commissioner is to look out for the world and make decisions popular or not that I feel is in the best interest of the world. I apologize because I should have done this last season. With that being said I have come to a decision with the assistance of part of the world committee. Please see the new rules below. Any questions please let me know. Thanks, Toby (tmfran)

1)      Minimum win rule. Every team must win 120 games in back to back seasons starting now (season2). So if you win 50 in year 2, you'd have to win 70 or more in year three or any combination that gives up 120 wins over any consecutive seasons. Each owner gets one appeal. If an owner fails to meet the 120 win mark in back to back seasons they can appeal one time to the committee to stay in the world. The committee will review the team / owner and see if they should get a second chance. * the only team that is exempt from starting this season is The NY Islanders, due to the fact that they were a replacement owner and took over a team in a really bad situation. They will start in season 3*

2)      A world committee will be set up by the commish. It will be made up of 4 owners, 2 from the AL and 2 from the NL. The committee will vote on rules violations as well as admission to the world if / when vacancies occur. In case of a voting tie, then the commish will cast the tie breaking vote. If a committee member quits or gets kicked out, then the commish will appoint a replacement committee member.

If the commish quits or gets kicked out, then the committee will appoint a new commish.

3)      All owners are expected to keep their minors stocked, to avoid fatigue problems. Above all the owners will be held to the WIS HBD fair play rules.



The committee is made up of Vancouver and Charlotte in the NL. The help wanted sign is still up for the AL.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

RBI Baseball season 1 award winners.

RBI Champion- Monterrey Gigantes - owner-macchiato

NL award winners

MVP-Quilvio Guerrero - .336 ba., 56 home rums, 139 rbi's

Rookie of the year-Ignacio Gonzales - .307 ba, 47 home runs, 138 rbi's.

Cy Young Winner-Ted Cogan - 18-5, 2.12 era, 135 k's.

Silver Sluggers

PCarlos Delgad

CEdgar Duran

1BIgnacio Gonzales
2BPedro Guzman

3BKendry Soto

SSMat Koch

LFBenji Santana

CFIke Ducey

RFQuilvio Guerrero

Gold Glove winners

PRene Mayn

CTerry Delaney

1BNeftali Neruda

2BChun-Lim Jiang

3BKendry Soto

SSJerry Henry

LFNorberto Lopez

CFRich Little

RFDarrin Keats

AL award winners

MVP- Al Guerrero - .340 ba, 48 home runs, 121 rbi's

Rookie of the year- Orber Gabriel - .311 ba, 42 home runs, 114 rbi's

Cy Young Winner- Trot Leach - 18-4, 2.82 era, 131 k's

 Silver Sluggers

DHAl Guerrero

CDenny Matsumoto

1BArmando Seanez

2BPhil Badenhop

3BHarold Salas

SSAlex Griffin

LFOrber Gabriel

CFRicardo Morales

RFBrian Peterson

Gold Glove winners

PMarino Diaz

CRobbie Trout

1BCarlos Rios

2BDwight Neill

3BJimmie Quevedo

SSRyan Service

LFJair Martin

CFFloyd Slusarski

RFKennie Wright